stell magazine - issue XI 2017


by Naomi De Marco

Fashion Designer


Laced with playful romanticism and bohemian whimsies, ZENgara by Naomi De Marco is a fresh Australian handmade label with a heart-warming purpose to remain sustainable. We talk to the young fashion designer about her inspirations and fashion philosophy.

Hi Naomi! Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in a country town in NSW and made the move to Brisbane nearly 3 years ago. I'm a passionate person with strong values. Growing up with an Italian background has taught me to keep my family and friends very close. As a designer, these values are what help me stay true to myself and my label ZENgara.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

There was not a single moment that I decided I loved fashion. I think it's something that's always been there. I've always been a very creative person and have loved sewing from a young age.

How did the name of your fashion label come about? 

The name ZENgara originated from "Zingara" meaning Gypsy in Italian. I wanted to incorporate "Zen" to create a sense of peace and a relaxed state of mind.

What was the inspiration behind your collection? 

My inspiration for this collection was drawn from the fabrics. All of the laces used have been re-purposed to continue their journey to become part of the ZENgara story.

Do you have a favourite from the collection?

My favourite feature incorporated into this collection is the sleeves. I have combined a fitted sleeve with a flared finish to give the wearer a relaxed sense of movement and freedom.

Describe to us what your design process is like

When creating my designs, I look at the harmony and movement of the fabric before it goes into the drawing and eventually becomes the end garment.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

My favourite fabrics to work with are soft and elegant, creating a sense of romance. I appreciate all fabrics and the purposes they serve, however I am passionate about sustainability and always consider the environment when selecting fabrics for my designs.

You recently showcased at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, Brisbane. How was that experience?

Finding out I was going to be a part of this year's Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival came with many emotions…excitement, pride and some apprehension. I could not have imagined how rewarding it was to see ZENgara and the 'Wild Hearts' collection come to life on the catwalk.

Who are some of your favourite designers?

I admire brands like Alice McCall and Zimmerman because they stick to their values and core essence of their designs.

"My dream is for every woman who wears ZENgara to feel the passion that was put into creating her garment."

What is your personal fashion style?

I feel strongly about not buying into the world of fast fashion. Instead I like to wear recycled pieces combined with old favourites from my wardrobe.

If you could dress any one in the world, who would it be?

As incredible as it would be to dress anyone in the world, my dream is for every woman who wears ZENgara to feel the passion that was put into creating her garment.

What are your other passions?

I have always been passionate about travelling and experiencing the world and appreciating the beautiful wonders of nature. My vision for ZENgara is to be a sustainable fashion label so I can do my part in maintaining the beautiful world we live in.

What's next in store for you?

The next stage for ZENgara is to expand the 'Wild Hearts' collection that was previewed at MBFF 2017.

DESIGNER: ZENgara by Naomi De Marco


STYLIST: Jessica Reeves

MODEL: Kathryn Lyons

Article reproduced courtesy of Stell Magazine